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Mapper since:
March 04, 2013

About me

Hi - I’m an avid amateur mapmaker and a member of the OHM Advisory Group.

My interests

  • Finding new OHM mappers working on cool projects
  • New software feature development (I work with the OHM dev team)
    • Borders
    • Focused, micromapping
    • Tagging questions
    • Indigenous mapping

POIs with some of my mapping

Great resources

  • General questions and conversationsOHM Forum – for discussions about everything and anything related to OHM. You can go here and ask any old question about anything.
  • Best practices and how-to’sOHM Wiki – a great place to learn “best” practices or understand OHM consensus (so far) on how to do things.
  • Filing bugs and feature requestsOHM Issues

Please get in touch

  • OHM messages
  • OHM forum DMs