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moving OSM data to OHM - dealing with the license almost 4 years ago

Great post, Richard! Thanks for putting the time in. I’d love to hear what others think, what questions they have, etc.

Getting Started over 9 years ago

Also - here’s the sign-up for historic@:

Hi Guys over 9 years ago


Apologies for responding so slowly… I typically monitor the @historic mailing list - are you on that?

A history of the Elevated system would be fantastic - are you a coder & still interested? This is one of the more important needs for development. We have github accounts here:

  • Jeff

Jeff Meyer

Getting Started over 9 years ago

Hi are you guys all on the historic@ mailing list?

I apologize that I haven’t been monitoring these posts.

A getting started guide would be great - this blog (posted today) might be a good starting point: