We're back! 05-17-20

Posted by jeffmeyer on May 17, 2020 in English (English).

Hi everybody -

We’re back online, but working through quite a laundry list of items to fix.

Please bear with us as we hammer through them: - Slow rendering of edits - it may take a while (a long while) for your edits to show up on the site. - Timeslider issues. These may be related to the prior item. - Logging users out - sessions may be cut short or the site may forget you are you. - Nominatim is working, kind of… some of the links may not work properly.

As always, your patience is very much appreciated & the dev team is working as fast as it can to resolve everything.

Now, for the good news… what is working: - Saving edits - you can work offline and upload your edits to the site.

Stay tuned… more updates on the way, Best wishes & keep on mappin’! Jeff

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Comment from theruler on May 28, 2020 at 22:24

Great to see OHM back up and running. I have one problem though, and that is, I cannot seem to view the historical map… the boundaries etc. don’t show, it’s all just OSM-stuff..

Maybe it’s some testing you’re doing, but anyways,

Have a great day

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